Sex and the City 2

Sex and the City 2 has been in the cinemas for a few weeks now. Caught it with Sybil about 2 weeks  ago.

The wardrobe has been a far cry from the dramatic, almost theatrical wardrobe we saw in part 1.

For me, despite the vibrant ‘Abu Dhabi’ background and shockingly bright colours and prints,my favourite part of the show was the brief flash back to their past- how their wardrobes were like then and the stark contrast of what they are like now.

(Top )Left- Right: Samantha, Miranda (Then )
(Bottom ) Left- Right: Carrie, Charlotte (Then )

Left- Right: Samantha, Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte (Now)

I guess a big part of it is knowing that everyone has a past which includes fashion faux pas, ugly hairdos and experimental make up.

The second part probably encompasses that ‘fairytale ending’ where every girl will grow up to be a sophisticated well-heeled lady.

Looking at myself now, I guess I’d say I’m somewhere in between their then and now pictures. Not so bad that someone will take one look at my clothes, gasp and take 3 steps backwards, yet not so eye-catching that you’ll stop in your tracks, give me a second look and go ‘wow’.

Between me and Sybil, her dress sense is definately more evolved. From her power suits to her casually shapeless looks, I think she has a way of mixing her wardrobe while my look depends mainly on the amount of time I have. I think to me, comfort is the most important factor while she can trot around in her 3-4″ heels all day. We sure have come a long long way from our baggy jeans days from a decade ago.

Isn’t it comforting to know that friends go through the same process of wardrobe changes?

Hopefully this blog will be a record of how our wardrobe, writing styles, thinking processes change over time.

To end off, here’s a picture I took of a sign board in a GAP store today.

in absolutely no reference to SATC)

How cute is that!

X Alex

( Images from, “Sex boo’ image taken by self. )

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