Kill me!

Help!!! My bank account is in the red! Why? The sales season on all my favourite shopping websites is on and they are overwhelming!

Vogue is a great place to start an online shopping spree. Check out their current shopping list here. By picking out the must-haves, it feels like someone has done your homework for you!

This sale season, I’m eyeing Vivienne Westwood accessories from hervia. They are on 30% discount and serves as an instant statement piece anytime.


Vivienne Westwood Baroque Rubber Large Pendant Multi
£70.00 now £49.00

One of my favourite designers, I’ve been waiting for the perfect accessory from Martin Margiela. My absolute favourite was the nail ring but that one’s out of stock from a few seasons back. I don’t mind settling with this one from OKI-NI until the next collection is out. Can’t wait for his perfume collection too!


Martin Margiela Brass Watch Cuff
£315 now £189.00

Anything by Sonia Rykiel perks me up immediately. The bright colours and playful style is functional, casual and yet chic. I love wearing her tee shirts when travelling. Net-a-porter has some great buys now.

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel
Striped fine-knit cotton T-shirt

was £144.21 now £72.11

I don’t own a pair of Michael by Michael Kors heels yet but I have been keeping my eye on his collection for some time now. I like how chic and trendy Michael by Michael Kors stuff are. Some decent heels are available on my-wardrobe now and it’s time I add some colours to my shoe cabinet!

Michael by Michael Kors
was £160.00 now £112.00 (30% off)

For punk brands, the Neu shopping website is great. They are very unique and “cult” since most of these brands are not mainstream yet (I think, at least not in Asia). They carry House of the Gods, Married to the Mob, Kill City and Joyrich. Just the brand names alone crack me up. Sorry if you can’t read Chinese.


NT$ 2200 促銷價 now NT$1540 (about USD48)

With all these must-haves on my shopping list, how am I going to survive this month!?!


X Sybil

(Images from Vogue and Net-a-porter )

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