Wearing an album cover

I can only imagine how difficult it is to decide which designer’s pieces to wear when attending an awards ceremony but 吃草的鱼。范曉萱 & 100%, otherwise known as vegetarian fish, has managed to reflect their identity and branding through their outfits, literally.

This is their album cover:

And this is their outfit to the第21屆金曲獎頒獎典禮 (21st Golden Melody Awards, sort of like the Chinese version of Grammys):

I love it! Their outfits reflect their mischievous and rebellious nature. Their refusal to conform to the mainstream and the ability to laugh at oneself is a great trait for any band. Some may feel that it is almost egotistical to wear your own face but this signifies the state of flux the music industry is in. Musicians have to promote their albums harder than ever before to make a tiny profit. This outfit thus challenges the conventional methods of marketing.

That said, what strike me was the different designs created for each band member. The different outfits for the guys (from the jumpsuit to the jacket and pants suit) are extremely well-made and stylish whereas Mavis’ (the only female) dress has an almost structural design. The bottom portion of the dress had an almost origami feel with its numerous folds. I’m not sure how wearable the dress really is but it looks like an artwork!

Here is a band who wears their marketed image proudly; literally in the form of their album cover. In today’s age where having the conventional celebrity package is the formula to success; this outfit is strikingly unique. Even if they did not walk away with an award, they sure stole the show with their outfits!

X Sybil

(Images from http://www.vegetarianfish.com)

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