Fashion artist Rei Kawakubo X CDG

To me, the most important job of an artist is to make you think, to stir up an emotion in you when you come in contact with their works. That split second of first impressions that leads to pockets of thoughts and queries.

Comme des Garçons is amongst one of the few brands that I list under art. Rei Kawakubo  truly is a fashion artist who has her own concept and vision of fashion that she expresses beautifully time after time.

For Fall 2010, she described her collection as ‘Inside decoration’.

My first thought was ‘Inside? What?’ Maybe I read it wrong. Maybe she meant hidden decoration. Inside the wearer? Inside the garment? I don’t know seriously. What is she thinking?

What are these meandering humps of padding? What are they for? Mutation? Distorted proportions?

Comme Des Garcon Fall RTW Look 10

Dropped shoulders redefined.

Comme Des Garcon Spring 2010 RTW Look 3

Rebellion against shoulder pads!

Comme Des Garcon Spring 2009 RTW Look 5 Pure Artistry

Pure artistry.

X Alex

(Images from elle )

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