Traffic-stopping patterns

I have been surfing Taiwanese blogs lately and it’s always interesting to see the dramatic colour and pattern play in their outfits. It’s fabulous how experimental and daring they are in their styling.

Sometimes, I feel that the Taiwanese are quite similar to the Japanese with the use of strong primary colours and patterns such as stripes, checks and polka dots. In Taipei 东区 (where funky boutiques can be found), the kids look no different from those spotted at Harajuku.

80s colourful collage jumper with hood and fishnet leggings with pattern

(Pet Shops Girl Contrast Leggings from Oilve Shoppe )

The latest label that has caught my eye is Pet Shop Girls. Their stuff is attention-grabbing in a traffic-stopping way and it seems the crazy pattern on pattern style has also caught the eye of Olive Shoppe. If you like vintage stuff or read Susie Bubble’s blog, you will know this fab website. They carry unique statement pieces and “seek the unpredictable with a side of unconventionality”. How can anyone resist that! Time to match those polka dots with checks!

X Sybil

( Image from and petshopsgirl’s photostream on flickr )

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