Sandra Backlund X Knit Sculptures

Swedish knitwear designer, Sandra Backlund established herself in the fashion world with her unique knitting techniques and the distorted shapes and forms prevalent in her works.

Note the texture, the distorted shapes and the clean lines.

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the waist-ed silhouette that emphasizes the hips and the mermaid bottom. Most of all, I enjoy that element of ‘lace knit’ at the décolleté ( Not sure if that’s the right term for knits though, just guessing! )and the sculptured look.

Spring-Summer 2010
How does something so bulky look so slimming! It’s like origami and a kimono mix.

This looks so light weight and wearable.

This is what happens when you spill your bottle of mineral water into a box of tissue! Doesn’t the texture look so soft and fragile, yet the voluminous look of the garment is one of courage and power.

How heartening too it is to find out that Sandra designs as she knits and not according to a pattern-like a true artist, to go along as you are lead.

For her Autumn- Winter 2010 collection though, she has used knitting techniques to cutting and tailoring but still kept her signature volumes and shapes. The first time she is using a production team instead of dabbling in her designs alone and we get this:



X Alex

(Images from sandrabuckland)

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