You may have discovered by now that Alex and I love form and structure and designers who challenge conventional human figures and the construction of clothing.

In the latest issue of Tangent magazine, Bold is the theme. Editor Heather Cairns says, “Fashion is not just about the function of dress, it’s about the emotion of dress.” Indeed, the clothes we wear are not mere pieces of fabric to cover ourselves but articles of emotions and stories we carry with us throughout the day.

In this bold issue, several themes were explored and executed beautifully. Ed Wood’s Widows caught my attention with its structural pieces. Its monochrome palette might also have attracted me; something I keep coming back to, despite deliberately steering away from it in hopes of a wardrobe with more colours. No luck there!

Alex Perry dress and Zola heels

Left : Qui Hao dress for the Australian Wool Innovation/WoolMark and John Macarthur for Purl Harbour Scarf

Right: Elliot Wardfear bodysuit, Ann Stephanie Melissa skirt and Ann Demeulemeester belt

Left: Bras n’ Things bodysuit, Amy Davidson over-pants, Zaha Hadid for Melissa shoes and Paula Walden headpiece worn as necklace

Right: Cue dress and Ann Demeulemeester feather headpiece

Left: Elliot Wardfear dress and leggings

Right: in black – Alex Perry gown and Paula Walden shoulder piece worn as headpiece, in white – Nicole Finetti gown and Lydia Jewels necklace

This feature has definitely opened my eyes (and heart!) to Australian fashion. Elliot Wardfear is definitely a name to look out for. Fiercely avant-garde, he reminds me of designers such as Gareth Pugh, Martin Margiela and Rei Kawakubo. I can’t wait to get my hands on some deconstructed pieces of his.

The interesting use of headpieces as prominent focal points in the outfits was also refreshing. The accessories proved to be very versatile. Time to wear brooches in our hair and hairpins on our shirts!

X Sybil

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