Detached and isolated, the human remains motionless

Of late, the style has been leggings and skinny pants or jeans with oversized tops or jackets. The fascinating fact is that the same silhouette applies to men. They are also spotting very slim-cut trousers with fitted jackets and shirts. In other words, men are looking like women and vice versa.

Dazed Digital just did an interview with Kristoffer Guldager Kongshaug, whose recent collection is titled The Androgynous Human. The human is a confused being trapped in the gender divide. Using contrasting elements in its outfits, the human treads on the frontier of being avant-garde. With a balance of soft and hard materials, light and heavy colours; the human is completely detached with its defined and yet lifeless features.

Kongshaug had Marilyn Manson in mind when he designed this collection and the inspiration is clear. The materials used were iron, 3-D materials, wool, fur, stretch jersey, mohair, and transparent materials such as plastic knitwear. However, my favourite had to be the shoes.

Inspired by artist Günter Grass, who described androgyny as an installation that human beings can’t get out of, the shoes confines the human in the installation, in the body and in the world.

Kongshaug has proved that clothing is not only about aesthetics but also about the designer’s annotations of the world. In this instance, the collection reflects Kongshaug’s commentary on social-cultural issues today. I know, very profound but art is subjective. Understanding a collection and the messages the designer have encoded in it is so much more meaningful than merely looking at its aesthetical values.

Some may consider Kongshaug’s works impractical and unrealistic but me thinks it is wearable art. On his way to an internship at Christian Dior, Kristoffer Guldager Kongshaug is definitely an artisan to look out for.

X Sybil

(Images from Dazed Digital)

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