Drop dead Givenchy-gorgeous

Ricchardo Tisci’s Fall 2010 Couture collection is so beautifully done.
Seriously, how often can I describe a couture collection as ‘drop dead gorgeous’ but I can definitely say it this time, especially so with this collection which Ricchardo referred to as “a romantic way to see death.”

The whole collection just screams of luxury and workmanship that my eyes are a little stumped at where they should roam first.

Lace Nude white lace

The colours used are muted- whites, nudish-pink, gold and a splash of black.

He used ostrich feathers, furs, appliquéd lace, fringes, gold paillettes, stones, and beads. The result is a visual feast. Yet, somehow the lace potrays a sense of fragility and the translucent tulle that exposes parts of the models’ ‘body’ seems to be mirroring how defenseless and naked we are to death.

Yet the gold and the beading used are so extravagant that it seems to be contrasting the different types of death there is- to die barely covered or to die filled with riches. Here my guess is that he’s referring to the life one has lead. Of course, I could be over analyzing everything but that’s just my fantasy way of reading the story behind the collection. (Also from reading that the collection was inspired by his favourite painter Frida Kahlos)

I read that Givenchy wouldn’t be staging any more couture shows; instead clients will be able to view the collections by appointment only. As though we aren’t alienated from the couture collections enough, now we have an invisible barrier that not only pushes us from being able to physically touch the clothes, we will also not be able to view the painstakingly detailed garments accessibly. (I hope I’m wrong though)

I guess the next best way to see Givenchy couture would be at some black tie award ceremony when it’s worn on a celebrity’s. Strut and turn, front and back- it will be spectacular!

X Alex

(Images from style )

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