I stumbled across an interesting TV programme recently – Mary Queen of Shops on BBC. Mary Portas, a retail marketing guru in UK, saves small struggling independent boutiques by cleaning up their branding and improving their visual merchandising. In the episode I saw, she helped an exhausted designer regain her inspiration and zest. In the process, she had introduced the struggling designer to Betty Jackson, a British fashion designer based in London. When asked about her entry into fashion, Betty said that she had wanted to incorporate art onto fabric and thus, started doing prints where the patterns were so big, no two pieces were the same. Betty was known for designing the outrageous costumes of Eddy and Patsy on the 1990s hit television comedy Absolutely Fabulous.

And boy has she come a long way. To be honest, I thought I’ll be expecting a Liz Claiborne or Ann Taylor sort of look but Betty Jackons’s AW 2010 collection turns out to be minimalistic and elegant. Featuring an extensive collection of separates, the pieces are functional and extremely versatile. It is impossible not to look good with this wardrobe! Again, here is a designer who proves that simplicity is the key to looking chic and stylish, that less is more.

PAST: Images from Absolutely Fabulous; don’t we just love the silly 90s look?

PRESENT: Betty Jackson’s AW 2010 collection

(Images from bbc and

X Sybil

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