If I really had to make a portrait of myself, I imagine it to be part black and grey crochet with pieces of crushed moulded gold, suspended in the centre of a glass cubic container.

I don’t know where I got that from, but that image just came to my mind. Perhaps it’s my favourite wardrobe colour choices, mixed with an element of lace crochet that requires some kind of skill to create, adorned with a tiny splash of gold (my favourite colour for my accessories). Random-ness. Anyhow, here’s what Icelandic artist Hrafnhildur arnardottir (aka shoplifter)’s self portrait looks like.

(Self portrait 2, 2009)

To my eyes, it looks like rapunzel’s braided locks, cut and twirled to look like a bird’s eye view of an island sprouting with fur-trees. Slightly different from what I envisioned my own self portrait to be, though textured nonetheless.

(Untitled, 2009)

Hmmm. Maybe I’m right. This piece looks like a white sand island off the coast of main land, or a piece of cloud floating above land.

(Untitled, 2008)

This is my favourite! I admit it is on the dark side and I won’t want it in my own living room (that does not have high enough ceilings to allow this) but it is absolutely great as an art piece right in the lobby of a museum, in front of the baroque stairway.

(Hair Helmet, 2008)

This is so cute! Look at the details! There are hair-flowers, if there’s such a thing! I think it’s an amazing statement piece and guess who else thinks so.

Björk! Styled and designed for Björk’s tours and stage costumes. Wow. Ok you may already know that but no harm looking back on something that’s beautiful yes.

Who knew hair was so wearable eh.

She also collaborated with VPL for her Fall 2010 collection. And it’s amazing! Check it out here.

What a great way to start my week. Beautiful pieces that brings comfort to my tired eyes!

X Alex

(Images from shoplifter and vplnyc )

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