Perfume bottles as an art form

Perfume bottles as an art form?

Today perfumes (and cosmetics) stand alone successfully, no longer hiding behind the shadow of their main label.

The bottles that contain these lovely concoctions seem to have taken a life of their own. I was at the perfume section at the airport a few days ago, and boy was I excited- the displays looked like art installations! Some bottles were more ‘feminine’ with girly colours and intricate carvings;

(Scarlet by Cacharel) Note intricate carving!

some were minimalistic and edgy but most used a dramatic bottle cap as statement piece.

(D & G)- Minimalistic and stylist

(Lola by Marc jacobs) Extremely girly colours and in-your-face bottle cap!

What a beautiful showcase of fragrant glass pieces and what a refreshing way to start my trip!

ではまた! See you later! (in Japanese)

X Sybil

(Images by self)

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