Gem of a Crystallographica

You know how sometimes you sit in front of the computer and you know you are looking for something but you don’t know what it is yet? That happened when I was surfing the net today, and then suddenly, I got this random ‘inspiration’ to search for Antwerp designers. I mean it is seriously random, why Antwerp of all places, right?

So, that’s how I found this gem of a Crystallographica! MA graduate collection of Irina Shaposhnikova (from Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts). Even though the collection is from a year ago, it is still breathtakingly gorgeous.

Lovely geometric shapes. I love how everything looks so graphic with the structured lines and yet with the close up shot of the sleeves, you see this softness in the translucency of the chiffon.

Happy face. She must love wearing it!

Look how the skirt looks like an art piece!

And Even when it’s not worn, it’s beautiful. I give it 100 marks for rack appeal. Haha though frankly, I won’t know how comfortable it is to sit on. Maybe Lady Gaga will wear it perfectly.

Here are some images from her BA collection. Cable knits done in a refreshing new way!

See how the cable knits are sewn on an ‘invisible’ netting mesh. Awesome!

And the knitted houndstooth checks. Love.

Read her interview with Faultmagazine here.

With all this done before she graduated from school, what more can we expect now that Irina has graduated? She’s definitely a force to be reckoned with. Really excited to see her upcoming collection out next month!

X Alex

(Images from trendland and gillianbowling)

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