Vintage rules the day

Although experimental and avant-garde fashion get the stamp of approval from Alex and me, vintage is very close to our hearts. Personally, vintage makes up more than 50% of my wardrobe and with my latest shopping spree in Tokyo, I guess that pecentage just went up further!

Japan, especially Tokyo, Harajuku, is fabulous for used and vintage clothing at extremely reasonable pieces. To top the experience off, H&M and forever 21 are located just next door for some mix and match to complete a chic outfit.

At Chicago, clothing are categorised according to colours and patterns; stripes, polka dots, checks, Hawaiian prins, and all things white. This season, I am huge on patterns and have gone wild over polka dots having seen them all over Japan. A circle represents infinity and signifies finality for me. Just the outline of circles would be even more interesting, (forming a pattern of hollow dots) pity I did not find any this trip.

A MUST stop for me whenever I am in Japan is Kinji, where clothes are categorised by their themes; safari, nautica, cosplay, Disney, bohemian, etc and I am very happy with what I found this time! This season, on top of polka dots, I find myself looking at clothing that is form-fitting; dropping down two sizes from what I would usually wear. I guess I will be doing less draping, more experimenting with outlines and structure. Hmmm…. Alex’s previous entry on Irina Shaposhnikova’s Crystallographica collection comes to mind but how shall i solve the issue of sitting down…

Cowboy, country and a bit of folk style seems to be the main theme at Hug. I love vintage shoe shopping and they have some decent leather shoes, as well as really cutey cowboy boots and bohemian tops. They even provide styling tips on their website. Follow closely and you will look like you just stepped out of Harajuku, Jingu-mae!

Last but not least is HAIGHT&ASHBURY where vintage is referred to as ‘antique’. (what a delicate and elusive term for vintage clothing!) It is as refreshing as the Japanese’s obsession with all things French. They have two blogs; the other blog is here.

I will be updating on new clothes, cool boutiques and labels fom Tokyo soon. Stay tuned!

X Sybil

(Images taken by me and from websites of stores, all links included above)

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