Museum merchandise

How can art and fashion come together? The most direct way is probably with fashion items inspired by artworks.

Marc Jacobs scored with Louis Vuitton’s cherry blossom bags and since then, we have seen numerous artist collaborations. Most prominently featured is Takashi Murakami with his superflat artworks.

Example of his Superflat works from his exhibition at Guggenheim Bilbao in 2009:

I had a great time ‘merchandise’ shopping in all the museums I visited in Tokyo and Mori Art Museum, aside from a fantastic exhibition, has a great selection of ‘artworks-inspired’ museum merchandise.

I bought myself two kawaii Murakami pins and they added a great touch to my otherwise plain checked jacket today. Here they are! 

(Above: image from Guggenheim Bilbao; Below: image taken by me)

I wonder if I should name them…… Hmmm….

X Sybil

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