Mary perfumes bottles a print

I was browsing through our previous entries when I came across Sybil’s short entry from the airport where she mused about the shapes and focal points of the perfume bottles available in the market.

Immediately I recalled my little note-to-self that I made when I saw that entry- to find out what Mary Katrantzou is doing right now.

Her debut collection launched last year (Fall 2009), inspired by the shapes of perfumes bottles was so vibrantly coloured and refreshingly new that I had instantly googled everything I could know about what she had done. That collection made such a great impression (on me) that I had told myself she was someone I should watch! (Then I kinda forgot all about it till now. Oops.)

Images from that collection Mary Katrantzou fall 2009

It’s so visually stimulating- the geometric lines are so graphical!

Love the flow of the lines and the futuristic styling!

Her Spring/Summer 2010 collection really topped it! I loved how her collection had added wavy lines and the prints mixed patterns of waves, stripes and colours. All these inspired from the art of glass-blowing. She even got a master in glass-blowing to make accessories from blown glass to compliment her outfits.

See the little mix of Swarovski beading on the right shoulder. A little touch of glamour!

Love the colours too! Note her bold colour palette. Seriously, not a lot of people can pull off this kaleidoscopic colour scheme.

Her Fall 2010 collection at first glance really seemed to reference Versace’s works (that sounds really vulgar, I mean, no designer will ever want to hear their work and the word ‘referenced’ together but with all the jewellery, pearls , scarves in that particular colour palette of gold, blood red, royal blue and black and white stripes, what else am I supposed to think. No offence though).

See what I mean.

I do like how the collection progressed though.  The pop of this royal blue jacket.

My favourite look in the collection! I want this necklace! I must say Mary Katrantzou also does awesome accessories!

There were some looks that had cascading ruffles and probably French lace, but I still prefer the simpler pieces that focused on perfecting the print.

I say ‘Print it perfect!’

X Alex

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