Flea market shopping in Tokyo

I love second-hand clothings as much as I love vintage clothes (it sometimes borders on being an obsession even when I travel.)

I make it a point to go flea market shopping during my travels and flea market shopping in Tokyo was real fun, bringing me to parts of the city untainted by tourism.  I love digging for gems among junk and I’ve found the perfect way to waste my weekend afternoons away while the rest of the population colonise the malls.

Tokyo’s flea markets are all about going green. The idea of recycling and reusing is reinforced in selling one’s pre-loved items and hence, reducing waste. The idea is noble and I’ll be glad to do my part for mother earth.

There are two major flea market organisers in Japan and they are Mottainai and Citizens Recycling Society. Another useful website with a bunch of listings is Paperlantern.

While I was in Tokyo, I visited three flea markets; 新宿中央公園 Shinjuku central park, 日暮里駅前 and 中野坂上パオ. Even if you don’t understand Japanese, it is easy to go flea market shopping. Just note down the date, time and location, find your way there and you will have fun exploring the flea market, as well as the the area around it. They are usually outside a mall and very near to the subway so finding your way is not an issue.

There was so much to see! I managed to plod my way through and found some great and ridiculously cheap jewellery. They are not very old but look quite “vintage-inspired”. I also bought several brooches. They were never my thing but Alex inspired me. Having started this website, it was essential that I employ my exploratory spirit and challenge my level of acceptance for decorations. To my surprise, brooches are very versatile and functional. I pin them to my necklaces and bracelets to add more weight to my accessories since going chunky seems to be the only way to accessorize this season.

Some images from my flea market shopping!

The 新宿中央公園 Shinjuku central park flea market is organised by Mottainai. Mottainai also produce their own range of eco-friendly products. They are available here.

I love jewellery from flea markets! You don’t know who used them before but items that come with a story are so much more interesting!

Flea market at 日暮里駅前. The weather was really really hot but people still came with their umbrellas!

I love this guy’s outfit! His Chanel shades were real crazy, as animated as his bag…. He seemed to like green a lot and was going through some hair accessories?!?

(Images taken by me)

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