Now u don’t see it, now it glows

I was browsing the websites randomly when I came across these shoes by Andreia Chaves and I thought they would go perfectly with Irina Shaposnikova’s Crystallographica colletion that I was raving about a while ago. They are both geometrically shaped and are extemely avante garde, mirroring each other in their concept and shape. (pun intentional.)

I think they would probably really blend into every surface you step on- the true chameleon of all shoes. Not sure how a person will look with it on though.

Here’s what they look like on grass- to prove my point. Absolute chameleons.

On another note, the latest trend seems to be owning something that lights up. As eye-catching as the mirror shoes is this pair of heels that light up by Nicholas Kirkwood.

X Alex

(Images from psfk, cache.gawkerassets )

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One Response to Now u don’t see it, now it glows

  1. Alice says:

    I saw those mirrored heels on a blog a while ago. they really are literally incredible! they absolutely disappear! the photo of them on the grass in amazing.


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