Hairy Sock

Alex is off again, roaming the earth for great designs that are not available here. She probably thinks it’s just work but I celebrate every opportunity to explore greener patches.

Further to my new found interest in decorations (i.e. non-functional accessories); here is a lovely selection of brooches from Hairy Sock.

Hairy Sock is founded by Ruta Kiskyte, a visual artist from Lithuania. Her jewellery is extremely fun and affordable. Almost all are entirely handmade and her works has just been made available on CultureLabel this month. If you don’t already know, CultureLabel stocks products from over 90 museum shops, galleries, artists and culture institutions with merchandise from Tate, Victoria & Albert, Saatchi Gallery, Whitechapel Gallery, etc etc. Sort of like MOMA design store, another great lifestyle shop that makes me want to empty my flat and refill it with their stuff every time I visit them.

Anyway, this is the perfect opportunity to embellish a plain shirt from your boyfriend/brother’s wardrobe with a brooch from Hairy Sock.

First up is this Balloon Monday brooch. Made of polymer clay, fabric and wire, the pin is hidden behind the balloons. The cutest thing is that the hand can be positioned like it’s peeking out of a pocket. Imagine a formal suit and instead of a boring hanky, you can have a bunch of balloons!

This flying sofa brooch is such a fun piece to wear. I wish there were more colours to choose from though.

Quite gruesome but a definite conversation starter is the crying bunny double brooch. As disturbing as the girl who cries blood, I don’t see how anyone can avoid staring at this brooch.

Last but not least, we have the wet painted hand brooch. It’s the only time you can sink your hand into some paint without literally dirtying your hand. There is always something eerie about wearing hands on your body and I love to embrace all things peculiar. Hairy Sock has an excellent selection of such accessories so I recommend it to everyone with a sense of humour.

X Sybil

(Images from CultureLabel and Etsy)

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