Zara Gorman- Fit for Isabella

It’s not so often that I am tempted to let the images do the talking, but I’ll make an exception for this entry. The works by Zara Gorman, a MA graduate from RCA, are so exciting to look at! My first impression was that they would be perfect for Isabella Blow (if she’s still around) and the second thought that flashed through my mind was that they would fit so well in a Hussein Chalayn show!

She started by looking ‘at lines and contours within architechture and product design’ and explored with materials such as Perspex, wood and leather.

I think the mere fact that her final collection was inspired by the work of Serge Lutens, the way Venetian blinds work, the layout of contour maps and Japanese architecture and design is so interesting! 

I am guessing this piece is one of those inspired by land contours and all I can say is, it’s breath-taking! I can totally see Isabella Blow wearing this. In fact, I can see how Zara Gorman’s millinery can blend into the collection of many designers seamlessly. I can’t wait to see her collaborate with other equally brilliant designers!

Deeply missed, Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow.

X Alex

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