Taking flight: Claire Morgan

Today is meant for the arts! At least that’s what my mind told me this morning as I was surfing the net and it sure is! Usually Sybil is the one who alerts me on the fantastic artists that I must check out and I guess we have somehow cultured a similar sense of aesthetics.

Not sure if Sybil will appreciate this but I really love Claire Morgan’s works. I guess I must admit I love seeing things suspended in mid-air. There’s an aspect of fantasy that I associate to them and Claire Morgan’s works have that exact theatrical effect. Here’s some of her earlier works.

“All that is solid…” (2004)
Exhibited at Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair

Strawberries flying down the stairway!

A Part at the Seam (2009)
Exhibited at Life. Blood., Galerie Karsten Greve, Paris

Gorgeous isn’t it! I can just imagine walking into the room with this installation.

Currently exhibiting at Museum of Arts and Design, New York until 24th October

Upcoming exhibition!


(All images from Claire Morgan’s website)

How I wish I had a private jet and can travel to all these amazing exhibitions! Always a good day when you start the morning with great visuals!

X Alex

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