Japanese label: Theatre Products

 Ahhh, I must apologise. I promised to write about some of my findings from my Tokyo trip but never really got to it, so here goes! 

I have been leaning towards a more theatrical style lately and this could not be a better time to introduce a boutique I chanced upon in Harajuku, Jingumae. Theatre Products‘ style is not over the top or excessive the way I usually like it but it has a sort of quiet theatrical, dramatic feel about it- as if the collection is best worn when you are not yourself and when you are in “character”. Here are some amazing pieces and how I envision the ‘character’ of the wearer to be:


Very arty and chic. For an independent woman visiting an art exhibition. Walking amongst artworks, ‘she’ stands out against the white cubic backdrop of the gallery but blink, and ‘she’ is lost amongst the maze of paintings again.


An alcoholic housewife, miserable in her marriage but still foolishly believes in fairytales and happy endings. Strolling around her home, ‘she’ realised that ‘she’ does not need anything as long as ‘she’ lives in her own fantasy. (Though personally I’ll lose that turtleneck.)

Ah, this appears best against concrete. A breath of fresh air against a monochromic landscape of grey construction, ‘she’ looks like the access to a mysterious secret garden waiting in the sweet moonlight for a companion, song and dance.

A bit too poetic? Maybe I’m suffering from Tokyo-withdrawal syndrome.

(All images from nuan+)

x Sybil

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