Alexander McQueen- with utmost respect

I don’t know how long I will take to come to terms with the lost of Alexander McQueen. How time flew since I first knew about him 10 years ago in high school. He has accomplished so much since I did my dissertation on him and he would have accomplished much more if he was still here.

I wonder if I will end up as a silver-haired grandma telling her grandkids what a genius designer Alexander McQueen was and will forever be.

I was browsing through a fashion forecast magazine on Friday when I saw some images from his Fall 2010 collection. It’s gorgeous! What I’d wear if I’m a guy. Hmm. On second thoughts, I’d wear them even now!

If you look carefully, there’s a row of skulls hidden in the prints in the placket. Absolutely amazing! I’d totally wear this shirt!

Rope-print suit. I like it. Just not sure how many guys will actually wear it or if wearing an entire set would be feasible, but, it’s such a statement piece!

Another beautiful print with hidden skulls. Just look at the upsized version of the print on the backdrop.

Such a sporty and funky outfit!

Frankly though, the Spring/ Summer 2010-2011 collection doesn’t excite me as much. The collection seems too safe and the only outfit that caught my eye is this vibrant set that looks like it’s a male version of his Spring 2010 Womenswear collection.

I hope I’m not being too harsh here but I really hope the McQueen team will be able to keep the McQueen spirit alive! Fighting!

X Alex

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