The art of Hussein Chalayan

One person I look up to other than Alexander McQueen is Hussein Chalayan. Amongst all the other designers, both of them have the ability to dream. They create a fantasy world in their minds and are able to translate it to their clothes. As we wear their clothes, their dreams are realised and we become part of their fantasy world.

It’s a beautiful world, intricately detailed and theatrical for McQueen, and pure and thought-provocating for Chalayan.

I was deeply intrigued by Chalayan’s works (and still is) and I simply cannot forget the collection with furniture that ‘transformed’ into wooden garments.

As seen here, the daily table looks so ‘innocent’ in the room.

The mannequins look so at peace with themselves here. It’s almost as though they feel as light as the dresses look on them.

One of my favourites is still the dresses that transformed on the runway. Please watch the video clip to fully enjoy the process. I can’t remember if my jaws dropped in amazement or if I was just stumped at how it was achieved, but the effect it had on me was something to that extend.

Read his interview with The Indepedent here.

(All images from Hussein Chalayan’s blog.)

X Alex

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