Effortless Sika dressing

Warning: There is nothing avant garde about the dresses I’m going to talk about. They are beautiful and feminine but the inspiration of this post is rooted purely from exhaustion, fatigue and laziness.

There are bound to be days when we do not have the energy/mood to mix and match in the morning. The best solution then is to pick a dress from your wardrobe. However, if you do not own a closet-full of DVF dresses, nothing comes close enough to be as fabulous. While searching for dresses that require no effort, I found Sika.

All garments are produced in Ghana with prints that are trendy, bright and cheery yet, spontaneous and bold. Their dresses are relaxed and chic.

Here are some designs that are absolutely fun to wear:

A fun piece! This batik play suit looks really comfortable and bold with its loud pattern and gigantic buttons. The patterns look like a rows of eyes and Mickey Mouse hands (although five instead of four fingers), strange but cute… 

Using traditional fabrics and techniques such as tie dye and batik, each dress is hand-made using natural methods, creating prints that are unique and exclusive. This empire cut dress is flattering and effortless plus the colour would look lovely on pale skin.

I love the Cocoa shirt dress and its details; the collar, the full skirt and the big bow… It’s a little country, a little urban chic, an one-in-one piece!

Last but not least, the butterfly shirt dress. The lovely print and gorgeously rich colours will brighten up the week instantly.

 (All images from Sika)

X Sybil

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One Response to Effortless Sika dressing

  1. sagemag says:

    The prints are beautiful!

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