Visionary Karl Lagerfeld’s vision

Everyone knows that the brain behind Chanel after Mademoiselle Coco Chanel is Karl Lagerfeld. If you think Chanel’s designs are amazing, have you checked out their window displays and their ads? I have always marvelled at what Karl Lagerfeld gets his hands into – videography and photography included.

It seems like I’m always seeing him behind the camera, or simply that his photography shots seem really well documented.

Shots of Karl shooting, so he may or may not be the one taking these shots, but that’s how he is portrayed. His amazing ability is to create items that reflect his sense of aesthetics, regardless of the medium, be it fashion, photos or videos.

Claudia Schiffer, as shot by Karl Lagerfeld. There is this sense of ease and elegance that she eludes.

Edita Vilkecuite as shot by Karl Lagerfeld. Mysterious, yet fun. I really don’t know how he gets his subjects be so comfortable in their own skin.

Karl’s take on the Versailles. Lovely, isn’t it.


There’s a photography exhibition of his works now on in Paris. If you are there, do pop by and share some images. Would love to be there right now, breathing in the Parisian air, enjoying a visual feast of his works.

September 15 – October 31
Maison Européenne de la Photographie
5-7, rue de Fourcy
75004 Paris

(All images from Chanel)

X Alex

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