Soft vs hard, light vs heavy -Iris van Herpen

Ah, just the way I like it- hand-made, delicate, edgy and attention grabbing. Iris van Herpen’s collections challenges our normal perception of leather, contrasting soft curves with hardy leather. Herpen’s extraordinary attention to detail  and skilled craftsmenship creates sculpture-like dresses that somehow still manages to look feminine.

The beautiful patterns and neutral colours draw our attention to the details and the construction of the dresses.

Extremely dramatic, strange, dangerous and whimsical, all at the same time.

The metallics really bring out the texture in this outfit, giving it an almost reptile look. Like a dangerous creature before it strikes; fragile, vulnerable yet stunning.

I love the Edward Scissorhands look. The dress is feminine and edgy.  Against the pale skin of the model, it is just gorgeous!

I adore this outfit!!! The jacket is quite functional and looks like something I would totally wear.

Less minimalistic, more avant garde. I thought her collection for Fall Winter 09/10 was worth mentioning as well. It seems there are no limits to how leather can be used!

Again, a clever use of contrasting materials, crochet and leather, for the mask. The jumpsuit is visually stunning and looks like the silhouette of the model’s skeleton from afar. In my mind, this outfit lives in a silent world where aesthetics is the only form of communication.

X Sybil

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