Still and intense: enter into the world of Hans Op De Beeck

It has been a lousy week; Alex is away and I have been busy with work. It is ironic how I work in a museum and in times of distress, my remedy is to escape to to a museum. The question to ask myself is whether I am comfortable with my work place being my retreat and sanctuary from the obstacles that life posts.

Apparently not. I can, however, open an image file to fill my screen on the laptop and let myself be transported into another dimension. More specifically, into the rooms of Hans Op De Beeck. I first got acquinted Hans’ works during Singapore Biennale 2008 and it is refreshing to learn that his work extends beyond installation. There is nothing more comforting than taking time to appreciate a painting or a photograph and being able to experience the change in the atmosphere as you feel your surroundings disappear.

You are left alone in a deserted space. Nothing matters as time slips by.

TheRoom’ series exudes of stillness when we allow the images to enter our minds. They are intense and almost haunting.

All interiors were created from the artist’s imagination and the sets were designed entirely by computer! Images of the characters were taken in an empty photographic studio. The characters and the setting were then brought together digitally.


All characters have the same calm, introspective gaze. They appear to be engrossed in their own thoughts, so much so that they are detached from their surroundings and fail to notice the disturbing setting of emptiness.


Notice the windows at the side or in the background? An opening to the world outside; I have always been fascinated about such element in paintings and photographs, it adds further dimensions to the storyline of the picture.


 Hans Op De Beeck, The ‘Room’ series, since 2007, ongoing series of Lambda prints mounted on Dibond and covered with Plexiglas, 180 x 110 cm each

A quiet space to contemplate; that is what I truly tneed.

X Sybil

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