The new Alexander McQueen- Spring 2011

I’m sure much as everyone is coming to terms with the loss of McQueen, they are also looking expectantly at what his successor Sarah Burton will be churning out after him.

She is taking over an acclaimed brand that excites its audience season after season, I know I might be expecting too much but Spring 2011 seems like a summary of what McQueen had been doing previously. There are a lot of  interesting elements but I’m not sure how fluid the whole collection really is.

Here are some pieces I like.

I like the rocker vibe and the laser cutouts/lace that gives it a romantic fatale look. Most of all, I like the oil spill effect of the fabrication.

Another soft spot of mine is symmetry and this dress is just that. It’s absolutely gorgeous, I especially like the colours that remind me of a peacock in the snow.

I don’t know why, but this piece looks familiar. Gorgeous though. Looks like hours were spent in the making. Rich intense colours.

Maybe Sarah had somehow read my mind and picked out elements I like; colours, symmetry and now gradual hues. I like it. 

Keep going Sarah! Though it seems like a collection that has a lot going on, maybe she’s testing out what appeals to the masses and what doesn’t. Just a little refining and it’ll be perfecto!

 X Alex

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