When technology and fashion combines:Techstyle Softwear

How exactly do we link fashion to technology in today’s world. Sure technology advancements are used in the production of garments, but how do we turn it around and use fashion and to interpret what silicon valley is to us.

See the interpretation by Corinne Okada Takara (Textile designer), Colleen Quen (Designed Sculptural artwear) and Rick Lee (Environment designer) at  San Jose Museum of Quilts and textiles.

I find it interesting to see the journey of the installation process at Corinne Okada Takara’s blog.

I guess that too, highlights the aspects of technology today.

My favourite part of the installation would be the mirrored ceiling, which shouldn’t be a tough guess given my weird ‘fetish’ for mirrored surfaces.

Given that I’m not at the exhibition in person, I can’t quite rave about the rich colours of the fabrics and grandeur of the installations but I can imagine the reflected lights and fabrics in the reflections.

I can also imagine that silence that I enjoy in museums. That quiet stage that was intricately prepared for our viewing pleasure.

Beautiful isn’t it. Somehow though I think the interpretation could have been more indept and interpretation could have used more mediums to give the exhibition more depth.

TECHstyle SoftWEAR: Surface and Shape now on till 31st Oct
at San Jose Musuem of Quilts and Textiles as part of the SJ Biennale 2010

X Alex

(All images from Corrine Okada Tahara’s blog)

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