The world is flat: Maison Martin Margiela SS 2011

When I was a child, I never doubt that the world was round. That is, until someone mentioned the possibility of it being a square. I imagined river flowing downwards, cars dropping off the surface of earth, civilisations being condensed to one qaurter of what I had known the size to be.

The label Maison Martin Margiela’s designs often lure the child in me. The sweet reminder of a world so innocent, magical and enchanting always comes to mind when I watch MMM runway shows. Some people may feel that my description and interpretation is a bit off but MMM has always been that comfort zone for me. When the world of colours starts to bore me, I turn to a section of my wardrobe that never fails to restore my confidence in art and fashion; minimalism.

There have been several negative reviews on the MMM SS2011 collection but for me, the trend of returning to basics and traditions has also been an obvious one. Painting was one of the first few medium in visual arts. Today, we have installations, interactive objects, new media art but there are artists who continue to explore painting as a medium and this is the same for fashion. We study the silhouette, the cut, the colours, the materials, etc. yet despite having so many more options and designs today, we fall back on the masters of minimalism over and over again. I see the rationality in returning to 2D from 3D.

Quite a classic MMM silhouette. Perhaps the team should have done more of this rather than the ‘cardboards’ that were rather ill-received.

Very wearable and structural. The texture shows how ‘hard’ the outfit is but the soft and neutral colour is a great combination.

The movement of the clothing is captured beautifully now that the clothing is seemingly detached from the body but at the same time performing its basic function of covering our skin.

This checkered translucent material is so interesting and the shadows and outline looks like a skull!

For the rocker in all of us, big square shoulders and a nude body suit!

X Sybil

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