Part jewelry, totally art – Naomi Filmer

I was leisure-researching at the library the other day when I came across Naomi Filmer’s Orchid Neck piece.

I was immediately drawn to the blown up proportion of the neck piece. It is definitely a statement piece and I was curious what other works the creator of this art piece produced.

Here are some fantastic pieces that reflect her conceptual thought process. Using fine metals and other interesting materials (like chocolate and ice), Naomi focuses on parts of the human body.

She has collaborated with Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan, Julien MacDonald etc in the early 90s. Today she works in Milan, creating jewelry for designers such as Armani and Burberry. (Information attained from V&A)

I really think her pieces are art museum worthy and the aesthetics are clean yet loud, very in your face. Quite a fresh take for jewelry.

X Alex

(Images from fesjon, thebritishcouncil, coolhunting)

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