Not sure what to wear for Halloween?

Theatrical, fun and almost outlandish, Bernhard Willhelm’s collection is quite costume-like. However, beneath the laughter and merriment is real art. The number of commentaries on social issues seen in his work is amazing and the staged exhibition design also enhanced the multiple-layered messages. It was executed so well, I would have loved to be there in person to experience it.

Selected pieces from the Spring Summer 2011 collection that are uncannily appropriate for Halloween.

The walking dead? Skeleton gloves and leggings are fun but it seems they are only suitable for one holiday.

What is Halloween without a bleeding bride with colour hair.

The rock and roll chick who is determined to party the night away.

Jokes aside, the Bernhard Willhelm & Jutta Kraus exhibition was held at the Groninger Museum from 13 December 2009 to 11 April this year.

Known for their distinct outspoken visual language, Willhelm and Kraus incorporated elements of pop culture and haute couture into their work. Creating a new fantasy world, the duo invented their very own universe.

Television will kill us all. The tube will split us into two halves, never to be reunited. Or perhaps in the world of television, two perspectives exist; just like black and white, angel and devil, we should never be fooled in believing just one.

Ahhhh… What connects us? Our history? Our city? The distance between us? Or simply human nature? Perhaps ‘hair’ has a deeper meaning here, which I have not had the ability to decipher, but the idea of a common story that binds us together is quite a nostalgic idea.

The exhibition design is beautiful. The mannequins / artworks are seen as if they are in different stages of ‘break through’ from their crates. This creates a sense of energy and emotion that is amazing in an otherwise lifeless roomful of mannequins.

I love this one. The artist surrendering in a sea of paint. How ironic that the very thing we love should destroy us at the same time.

The inevitable fate of all smokers… We bleed while we smile. That is quite poetic actually.

X Sybil

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