Sculptures as mannequins. Clothing as art.

The Prada Foundation is staging an exhibition devoted to artist John Baldessari from October 29 to December 31, 2010 at the Fondazione Prada exhibition space at via Fogazzaro 36, 20135 Milan.

Baldessari had conceived a project titled The Giacometti Variations. Inspired by Swiss sculptor, Alberto Giacometti, sculptures similar to the ones below will be clothed and outfitted with garments and objects designed by Baldessari himself, forming a hypothetical fashion showcase.

Accordingly to Prada Foundation, this project “captures an idea of integration and dialogue between art and fashion, where the osmosis between model and sculpted figure becomes a declaration of mutual attraction and communication”.

In some way, perhaps the vision of Giacometti was parallel to that of fashion- designers create clothing meant for an elongated silhouette, similar to those of tall and thin models. Us mere mortals just have to make do with high heels and lots of alteration.

John Baldessari’s The Giacometti Variations


John Baldessari is one of the most influential artists of his generation and I look forward to this special project for Prada. Waiting for Prada Foundation to release images of the exhibition!

X Sybil

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