Man, he’s good!

I love it when I stumble across designers or brands that I have never heard of or seen before. (Of course, it may not necessary be due to their unknown branding, but more often due to my lack of exposure.) So I must share my excitement about ‘finding’ Michael Kampe’s works today!

Michael Kampe impressed me with his 3 dimensional way of treating fabrics and interesting print designs. His design inspirations come from different sources; with the silhouettes inspired by architects and artists, and prints created from inspirational pictures. (See his interview with Dazed Digital here.)

The overall result is fresh, structural with a very chic modern vibe. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Beautiful, isn’t it. Love how the fragments look like they’re exploding outwards.

Such wonderful showpiece, grabs your attention immediately and makes you wonder if it will transform into something else!

What fresh colours for the prints! Love how he combined it with his architectural drafting.

I would guess this is where his architectural inspiration comes in place. Such inspiring design!

X Alex

(All images from Vogue Italy,, chiconomics )

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