Wedges with an edge

Shoes always cheer me up.

It seems the trend this season is five inches and above. As they say, ‘There is no way to go but up.’

This entry might seem a little overdue but young designer Alain Quilici is really making his mark in the fashion world this year. Inspired by design, cinema and art, the architectural element is evident in Alain Quilici’s third shoe collection.

Described as being able to translate everything he sees into an artistic interpretation, the designer’s Spring 2010 collection is all about lines and rhythmic flow in the lines. The colours chosen are neutral, giving the collection an intense look.

Very strong lines. The flow of the lines is smooth and soft but the overall look is dark and intense. Almost gothic in a very chic way.

I like the platform at the bottom, it looks like a stand or a pedestal for an artwork. Again, a very poetic arrangement of lines, like a beautiful ribbon on a gift; one that you cannot bear to open.

Very often, I look at the negative spaces. It highlights the relationship of the object with its surroundings. Instead of one inserting itself into an environment, one should exist naturally with its surroundings, as if it is only right it belongs there. Imagine a woman walking down the streets of Milan in these heels. Yes, that is right where she belongs.

I am waiting for Quilici’s fourth collection and I am almost sure he will not disappoint!

X Sybil

(Images from public image)

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