Before Jimmy and Christian, there was Beth Levine

Remember the song ‘These boots are made for walkin’? Well, here’s the designer who created those boots.

One of the most successful female shoe designers, Beth Levine (1914 – 2006) was commemorated with an exhibition at the Bellevue Arts Museum this year. The retrospective was held from 18 February to 6 June 2010 and featured over 100 pairs of shoes and boots. Long before Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin, Beth Levine revolutionised the fashion world with her avant garde shoe designs. Her clientele included Marilyn Monroe and Cher, what more can I say?

The stocking boot. Witty and humorous, it shows Levine’s energy and creativity. Very Martin Margiela. Known for comfort and beauty, Levine’s designs remained functional and this is a classic example.

The paper shoe. Beautiful and classic, reminds me of YSL for some reason. Perhaps the primary colours reminded me of the YSL Mondrian day dress.

As seen in Vogue 1968. Studded knee high boots and the red heel!

The Cinderella, 1961. The plastic remains me of Prada, only this was designed in 1961!

Ah, platforms and so artfully done! The lines are very Japanese. I can visualize this pair of shoes with an Issey Miyake outfit.

X Sybil

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One Response to Before Jimmy and Christian, there was Beth Levine

  1. Paul says:

    Such a creative brand!
    To know more about Herbert Levine, there is a facebook fanpage with many pictures of these fantastic shoes..

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