Taxidermy is trendy

‘Taxidermy is trendy again’, reports the Yorkshire Evening Post. This year, I have seen quite a few artworks with the use of animals but what has taxidermy got to do with fashion? Reid Peppard is a jewellery designer and not just any but one who works using taxidermy as a medium. Some people may find the works disturbing; carrying coins in your rat purse or wearing a dead rat on your head, but there is something poetic about the concept of using dead animals. You are carrying a piece of death with you. A little dark, a little haunted but quite beautiful.

In an interview with Juxtapoz magazine, Peppard explained, “Taxidermy is such a powerful medium and it evokes such a visceral emotional response from people because it looks like something that’s alive in a 3D form but you know that it’s dead. There’s something about taxidermy that touches a nerve.”


Like a dark angel. I wonder if our obsession with wings is symbolic to our yearning for freedom.

 Look closely. Do you see a rat?

Peppard expressed, “It takes balls to go out wearing one of my pieces and you’ve got to be outgoing enough to pull it off. It’s funny because sometimes people don’t notice initially because some of the pieces are so small but then suddenly they realise and they’re like, ‘woah’.”

Indeed, what statement pieces!

X Sybil

(Images from FASHION MAGAZINE and Juxtapoz magazine)

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