Reform: the trousers of our time

I was inspired by the concept of  reform-ation this weekend and it reminded me of the rational dress reform in the early Victorian era when the idea of women wearing trousers was first introduced. It caused a stir and was thought by some as a sign of feminism but nonetheless, this concept of women abandoning their petticoats soon became a reality.

Trousers today come in many forms and here are some that I believe would have been radical if they were designed during that era.


Harem style trousers from Sini Moilanen’s graduate collection at the Royal College of Art. Finnish born and based in UK, inspiration for this collection is based on the Big Bang theory. Evolution and reformation have the same notion involving change and it is always inspiring to experience change, whether in fashion and elsewhere.


This pair of trousers evokes a sense of power, almost domineering and yet, it remains feminine with the use of silk. A breath of fresh aircompared to the typical black skinny pants. Danish born designer Camilla Salgaard graduated from Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, and recently showed her collection at the London Graduate Fashion Week 2010.


AgaPaul, short for Agnieszka Paul-Smolinski, graduated from the Cracow School of Fashion Design. What’s interesting is AgaPaul’s background in film and theater; that perhaps gave her an aesthetic that is different from others. This pair of trousers certainly has a form that is different and unique. Using two layers of fabric, the ‘holes’ in the trousers create a sense of airiness and volume.

Personally, trousers represent individualism. There is a pair for every shape and size, hence it is distinctive and personal. Express yourself today in trousers!

X Sybil

(All images from Not just a label)

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