A-Maison-ing LV

I know you might be scrunching your eyebrows and wondering what kind of title this is, but ignoring my poor attempt at an attention grabbing title and focusing on the content might be much more appropriate.

I am quite sure by now you know LV is the abbreviation for Louis Vuitton and given the huge funds they have available for their marketing, it should come as no surprise that their visual merchandising is spectacularly good at drawing attention to their products.

Reading this article from WGSN’s blog , I am actually excitedly wishing that I could actually fly to London just to see this beauty of a gem. I know you might be grumbling that this is not ‘new’ news but this is what I just found out. Better late then never!

The Louis Vuitton revolving bag bar. The shelves move and turn 360 degrees to capture the viewers curiosity and interest.

The 3-storey building housed on London’s New Bond Street was specially designed to reach out to a wider group of customers, using uniquely British products including British artworks.

Art installation in store.

If you are interested, you can check out what people wore to the opening in May this year and a video of the revolving bag bar (which I think is absolutely genius!) here.

Now try to argue that this is not art.

X Alex

(Images and source from WGSN blog and dailymail)

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