Maxxi-mum impact!

If you are thinking of a visitng a museum around the world, may I suggest the Maxxi Museum, the National Museum of Italy in Rome.

The museum itself is an artwork. Designed by Zaha Hadid (Recall: Same designer who designed the Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion in Paris), the Maxxi Musem took 11 years from concept to realization. The museum design allows ‘a new fluid kind of spatiality of multiple perspective points and fragmented geometry, designed to embody the chaotic fluidity of modern life’.

From the outside, a scene of serenity and quiet.

The inside is contrasted with bold blocks of black and more graphic lines.

Look at the curved concrete walls that compliment the stark black staircases!

Love the flow of lines and space. It’s really gorgeous and it’s also a trademark style of Hadid’s.

I am so tempted to keep sharing more photos but there’s just so many fabulous shots.
Just click here for more photos!

Enjoy the eye feast!

X Alex

(Images from fondazionemaxxi and archdaily– photo credit Iwan Baan)

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