A polka dot with its own set of feet, a heart with its own set of eyes

I have always believed in clashing prints and vibrant colours and the Miu Miu’s 2011 Resort collection is perfect in that aspect. In response to Miu Miu’s prints, artist Molly Schiot had created an animation video based on the collection.


 “What could be better than giving a polka dot its own set of feet, and a heart its own set of eyes?” said Molly Schiot. Schiot created the quirky characters in this animated film inspired by this collection. An artist, Schiot’s work range from photography and film to animation and illustration. Having also worked on commercial projects, Schiot’s style is accessible and fun. 

In the spirit of Miu Miu’s bold prints, Schiot’s characters are equally brave and naughty with an interesting ending for the video. Watch the animation here.

Source of inspiration for the video:


Miu Miu’s colour palette with its prints of apples, hearts, dots and stripse is indeed fun and naughty. It is also in line with Miu Miu’s trademark style of being cheeky and humorous, just like the animated film.

X Sybil

(Images of Resort Collection from Style)

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