His fashion Laing-uage

I guess this is a pretty crappy title, but I hope it triggers some interest as to who ‘he’ is.

Jeremy Laing, a designer based in Toronto, Canada, uses creative pattern making, construction and textiles to create designs that have an added dimension (personal thoughts) and form. His resume includes an apprenticeship with Alexander McQueen after a study exchange programme at Westminster University (London).

 Here are some images from his Fall Winter 2010 Collection:

Look at the interesting mix of texture. I can totally see myself running my hands over the different textures, curious as to how they feels.

Here is a really loose and relaxed shape that is really easy to wear. Again, I am intrigued by the texture of the fabric, all the little bumps!

One of the simpler looks shown in his collection, meaning less layers and mix of textured fabrics but no less eye-catching. I love the galactical print and colours used.

I love how this looks so simple in the front.

And when the model turns, there’s this element of surprise that goes ‘so it’s more like a vest than a shawl.’

I’ll keep a lookout on his next collection! Sure seems interesting. 🙂

X Alex

(All images from http://www.jeremylaing.com/)

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