From Lego to adjustable sleeves

I spotted a beautiful jacket by Martin Spetlova on Streetpeeper and just had to find out more about this designer.


The jacket I saw!

Filled with pleats and folds, Spetlova’s collection is colourful and fun; a collage of contrasting textures and colours. The designer has a very interesting background as well. Before graduating from Central St Martins with a MA in Textile, Spetlova actually had a degree in Biology and Chemistry. “If I hadn’t gotten in I would have returned to the Czech Republic and worked in science,” she explained.

In the designer’s words: “I used the concept of Lego bricks that build a bigger shape and so my patchwork of separate panels ”zip” together to build a whole garment and conversely can be unzipped and dismantled by the wearer. The horizontally placed pleated fabrics exaggerate the frame and movement, collapsing and bouncing as the wearer moves.”


Despite the inspiration of Lego blocks, Spetlova explained, “the collection was completely random. I had walked past this little shop in the East End, and the women had a basket of zips in it, and I just bought them.”

The amazing element about Spetlova’s collection is its functionality. Every single outfit from the collection is multifunctional and adjustable. The wearer can choose to keep the sleeves, remove them and make them shorter, or take them off completely.

Spetlova has teamed up with Pringle of Scotland, to reinterpret some of the brands classic pieces. Available from early 2011, something to look forward to already. Yeah!!

X Sybil

(Images from and Martin Spetlova’s website)

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  1. how GENIUS is this?! I got almost too excited reading this article

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