Junky gem!

I’ve always loved the concept of reconstruction and self taught designers Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager are living my dream. Through their label Junky Styling, they have been breathing new life into second hand clothing.

They deconstruct, re-cut and transform suits to dresses, dresses to trousers and trousers back to suits… ok, just kidding but the bottom line is, their business is in restructuring and modification of clothing. Apparently, Vogue labelled Junky Styling high fashion street couture.

Junky’s book, Junky Styling – Wardrobe Surgery, shows readers how they can try their hands on reconstruction as well. Junky’s credentials are impressive, with exhibitions at the Koldinghaus Museum in Denmark, installations in Istanbul and New York and workshops at the Fashion and Textiles Museum London. The designers have also lectured at the Parson’s School of Design!


A beautiful Flag Dress. Top half of the dress is made from fitted fine-knit wool while the skirt is made from recycled suiting materials. Wide hang at the sides is very trendy at the moment but it takes a particular style to carry this silhouette.

It’s a dress-skirt! Haven’t seen one of this for a while! This high waist flag skirt/dress shows the original suit button detailing on the front panel and I think that is the beauty of reconstruction; to retain the old but with renewed style.

One of my favourites! The Ninja Trousers are made from recycled suiting materials and with panels of contrasting suiting fabric.

The concept of reformation, in clothing, as well as our way of living, intrigues me. The idea of a past and a future, connecting for a shared purpose gives further meaning to our lifestyles. Besides, it is eco-friendly and we should support the green movement!

X Sybil

(Images from Bouf)

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