The contemporary human form

If anything, fashion is about the human body and its unique construction. Form, lines and structure are some elements we study. However, occasionally an artist would come along and alter our perception of the conventional human figure and Erwin Wurm is one of them.

Psycho 7 (blue), 2010

A strange and quite sort of beauty is perhaps an appropriate expression for this works. His solo exhibition, Yes Biological, at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac in Paris, features his video, 59 Positions. People pose in unusual positions and freeze as One Minute Sculptures.

One Minute Sculptures, 1997

This performance piece incorporates the idea of sculptures, or rather statues, which are momentary. Engaging and multi-disciplinary, this work is accessible and reminds me of those instant photo machines where you can change your pose every few seconds and produce a montage of different facial expressions.

Erwin’s sculptures of heavy and plump figures are beautiful, striking to the runway models we usually see but stunning in its own right. Perhaps a contemporary take on healthy figures. It remains me of Renoir paintings, a time when healthy was not in the form of size 0.

Yes Biological at Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Paris runs through 12 February 2011.

X Sybil

(Images from Another magazine)

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