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At fashionartisan, we try to steer away from major luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada and all labels that are easily recognizable. Instead we try to feature exotic names and beautifully executed crafts.

However, I have been reminded not to leave out the fashion artisan masters who appreciate and magnify craft (even the famous names) especially after the Valentino Retrospective exhibition I saw (which we will talk about soon!).

On her “Prada Made In” project, Miuccia Prada commented that, “you have to embrace the world if you want to live now”. An initiative by Prada to work with artisans from around the world and not only within Italy, “Prada Made In” showcases unique “local” products in timeless Prada style.

Prada “Made in Scotland” shows classic tartan wool kilts that employ the techniques of traditional weaving.

Prada “Made in Japan” shows demon. ( of course!) Produced by Dova, renowned denim manufacturer, the jeans are available in four different types of denim and seven different washes.

Prada “Made in India” features Indian embroidery, hand woven sandals and handbags. Love the rich colours!

The collections will be in stores this year, be sure to look out for them!

X Sybil

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