Armani Haute Couture SS11

Following the Valentino exhibition, I have new found respect and fascination for haute couture, specifically for the craftsmanship.

To me Armani is about clean lines, dark colours and very well-cut jackets. These elements are translated into the latest Armani Haute Couture SS11 collection but in addition, we are exposed to a world of reflected colours and we cannot deny the sense of old glamour that is so fresh and incredibly sexy in this collection.

Bling meets shoulders and the effect is dramatic. Very modern and trendy but still elegant and clean cut, as with all Armani.

However, amongst the shining gemstones and elevated shoulder pads is an unexpected surprise; flat Chinese sunhats. They almost seem out of place amongst the jewels and cropped jackets but it works. The multiple contrast cancels out one another and all at once, instantly it is a masterpiece.

Love the dramatic lips and the jeweled top. Timeless!

A beautifully structured dress. I’ve picked out colours that I like from the collection; colours that I think I would see if I’m at the bottom of the sea. Immersed in a vacuum of calm, enjoying the display of rainbow lights dancing with the waves and all of a sudden, discovering my passion again. That feeling describes this collection for me. Perhaps a little too dramatic but in this instant, very appropriate.

X Sybil

(Images from DazedDigital by Morgan O’Donovan)

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