Artwork mirrors a work of art

I have finally found an artwork that mirrors a work of art!

Remember the shoes by Andreia Chaves from one of our previous post?

Possibly a work that had influenced the designer?

Superficial, 2004, Mirror, glue, cement, Vosges, Alsace, France

Since the 1990s, Michel de Broin’s witty and playful style shines through his works. He infuses irony and satire in his art as a medium of expression. Working with mainly installations, the artist had exhibited widely in Canada, Europe and in the United States and had received the Sobey Art Award in 2007.

Upon an invitation to explore the theme of transparency, de Broin decided to envelop the contour of a large stone with fragments of mirror in the setting of a forest. The stone became a reflection of its surroundings and as it reflected, it disappeared, camouflaging itself in the woods. On the other hand, should we encounter the stone, we see our own reflection.

Revolution, 2010, Steel, 7,5 x 5 x 6.5 m, Couvent Des Jacobins, Toulouse, France

The artist’s recent works include Revolution, an installation comparable to a 5 story staircase. The work takes its inspiration from a spiral stairway. However, unlike our usual staircases, this leads you back to the starting point over and over again. An infinite cycle of revolutions, the visitor climbs up the stairway and experiences the idea of an eternal return.

Regardless of the art form, be it visual arts, fashion, music or dance, art that inspires is invaluable. The gift of an artist is the ability to inspire, surprise and delight and de Broin is truly an artist!

X Sybil

(Images from  psfk and Michel de Broin’s website)

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