Fashion designer: Martin Bergström

‘I regard a collection as being like an exhibition. Instead of creating paintings, I create clothes.’

What a wonderful way to describe his works – Martin Bergström seem to be really good at spilling out these lovable quotes and eccentric collection names like ‘Strike a pose until you decompose’ and ‘Nurse curse’. Above that, his clothes seem to exude a sonic energy that is strangely attractive.

Image from Martin Bergström’s Sandbox collection.


Image from Martin Bergström’s ‘Strike a pose until you Decompose’ collection.

Fashion tale magazine. I love the styling! Seriously!

From his collaboration with Nathalia Edenmont.

It seems he’s not only into fashion but other forms of art. Just take a look at this!

I hope he will gain international fame soon.

There are so many more beautiful images, view them at his main site here.

I’ll conclude with another of his quote – ‘ The body becomes a skeleton for the garment.’

X Alex

( Images from marcella.metromode and Martin Bergström)

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One Response to Fashion designer: Martin Bergström

  1. Lena Krieger says:

    Crosspollination. That’s the secret of Martin Bergström. Educated at the Konstfack, he thinks of FASHION as it was Painting, the collections are build around a Narrative made of modern DESIGN and antique techniques. This is how he was able to go beyond the world of fashion. More info:

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